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Mervilton Records recording artist The Soul Exchange, is a band that has constructed a new alchemy from the rock solid foundation of the 70's hard rock scene. They have taken this influence into the new millennium and have created their own unique style of metal infused, modern guitar driven hard rock, with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements.

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The new Soul Exchange album "BLOODBOUND", courtesy of Mervilton Records, is now available digitally on all top tier streaming sites globally.



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"BLOODBOUND" is also available on physical CD. The CD comes in a Deluxe digipack incl. a 12-page color booklet. The price is SEK 179 + SEK 29 flat shipping fee worldwide. We ship to all over the world!

Order your copy of "BLOODBOUND" here by secure payment by Paypal or Credit Card.

PRESS: Rave reviews of the "BLOODBOUND" album globally!

"Thumbs up for this album, it is very strong and very entertaining and you would be a fool to not check out what this album has to offer. Just listen to great songs like Passenger of Pain and Left Behind and you know exactly what I am on about. Great stuff, great album that I can highly recommend to anyone who likes great music, especially those who wants to hear something a little familiar. It is great stuff!"

Daniel Källmalm, Hallowed Magazine

"So happy I got in touch with the band, this is a fab album! Head on over to their website and buy it!"

Peter Cox, Your Music Blog

"The single Life Eternal is almost perfect, and the chorus shameless flirtation with Ghost is so stylish that the lasting impression is that it is one of 2016's best songs, Ghosts own Square Hammer included. This is an album that is well worth seeking out if you like well-composed and well produced melodic hard rock."

Niklas Webjorn, Rocknytt.net

DISCLAIMER: This video is a fan made unofficial music video and it is not supported by The Soul Exchange or any person linked to the band and thus, The Soul Exchange do not take any responsibility for the content in the video. The video contains some explicit violence.

The live premiere of performing songs from the "BLOODBOUND" album at the release party on March 23 was nothing less than a rousing success!

"THE SOUL EXCHANGE'S new album BLOODBOUND Release Party at Kraken in Stockholm last night was a hard rocking, rumbling force of nature. A speed train that lifted the house from its foundation. Call me friendship biased if you like, but this was good and heavy. This was two drumsticks that struck the pace and then a furious force of nature. This was rock with soul! Enjoy Bloodbound!"

Stefan Lindblad

The Soul Exchange ROCKED the house at Kraken! Enjoy highlights from the show in this unofficial fan shot video!

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The Soul Exchange are pleased to announce that the band has signed with PRIDE & JOY MUSIC and GERMUSICA for worldwide physical & digital distribution, PR & Marketing. The Soul Exchange has also signed with ROCK N ROLL AGENCY for Artist Management.

PRIDE & JOY MUSIC is a rock & metal label based in Ascheberg, Germany. Founded in early 2015 and owner of the established PR agency GerMusica. The physical distribution for PRIDE & JOY MUSIC is handled by one of Germany's biggest independent distributors Soulfood Music in Germany, Plastic Head in the UK and Border Music in Sweden amongst others. KONTOR NEW MEDIA is responsible for the digital sales world-wide. The labels' rooster include artists such as "Vivaldi Metal Project", "Black Paisley", "Aldaria", "Hartmann", "Sebastien", "Echoes", "Lugnet" and "Free From Sin" and many more. http://www.prideandjoy.de/

ROCK N ROLL AGENCY is an artist management and PR firm with a past track record working with artists such as "Gotthard", "L.A. Guns", "Primal Fear", "U.D.O.", "Chris Laney" & "Free From Sin" to name a few. http://rocknrollagency.com/"

The new Soul Exchange EP "Vow Of Seth" will be released WorldWide on the PRIDE & JOY MUSIC label December 8, 2017. A music-video and a digital single of the title-track "Vow Of Seth" will be released World Wide November 17th. Keep your eyes and ears open!

For queries regarding SOUL EXCHANGE "Vow Of Seth" EP contact: info@germusica.com

For queries to artist management contact: helena@rocknrollagency.com

The Soul Exchange ware filmed performing one of the tracks of the new upcoming EP "Vow Of Seth" for a music video to be released later in 2017.

The Soul Exchanges latest album "Bloodbound" has now passed a combined total of 80.000 streams on Spotify, whereof the two singles "Left Behind" and "Life Eternal" have 40.000 and 20.000 streams respectively. Thanks for listening!