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The Soul Exchange is a Swedish melodic metal band that mixes Classic Hard Rock with a contemporary Metal sound. They have taken influences from the 70’s Hard Rock scene and created their own style of Metal infused, guitar driven hard rock, with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements. The lyrics deals mostly with subjects from the darker side of life such as insanity and evil in various forms.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: “Memories or Illusions” OUT NOW!

The new Soul Exchange concept album "Memories or Illusions" is now available on all the usual streaming platforms and on Itunes store!


OUT NOW! "You're Wrong" the 4th single from the upcoming album "Memories or Illusions" is now available on all the usual streaming platforms.

OUT NOW! "Condemned" the new single from The Soul Exchange's upcoming album "Memories or Illusions" is now available on all the usual streaming platforms! Make sure to follow The Soul Exchange on e.g. Spotify, this fall is full of new releases coming up!

OUT NOW! The new single "WE ALL BURN" out now on all the usual digital platforms, stream today!

The new music video for the latest single "We All Burn" OUT NOW on The Soul Exchange official Youtube channel!

The new album "Edge Of Sanity" OUT NOW on Pride & Joy Music!

"Edge Of Sanity" is available on CD (incl. 16 page booklet) everywhere where you can buy records/CD:s or The Soul Exchange webshop and download & streaming on all the usual platforms.


NOTE: The CD comes with a 16-page booklet and includes the bonus track "Try" that is available on CD and digital download only.

PRIDE & JOY MUSIC, new amazing Melodic Metal signing from Sweden THE SOUL EXCHANGE, new epic 5 track EP "Vow Of Seth" OUT NOW digitally at all usual outlets and also available on CD in limited quantities of 500 copies world-wide while stock will last!

Order the "Vow Of Seth" EP here

The album "BLOODBOUND" CD comes in a Deluxe digipack incl. a 12-page color booklet. The price is SEK 149 + SEK 35 flat shipping fee worldwide. We ship to all over the world!

Order your copy of "BLOODBOUND" here by secure payment by Paypal or Credit Card.

DISCLAIMER: This video is a fan made unofficial music video and it is not supported by The Soul Exchange or any person linked to the band and thus, The Soul Exchange do not take any responsibility for the content in the video. The video contains some explicit violence.

The Soul Exchange - Live at Nalen, June 2018

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The third single "CONDEMNED" off the upcoming album "Memories or Illusions" will be released on all the usual streaming platforms on October 15th!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The upcoming concept album "Memories or Illusions" will be released courtesy of Ninetone Records on December 10th, 2021!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Soul Exchange are pleased to announce that the band has signed with Ninetone Records for the release and distribution of the upcoming new album "Memories or Illusions". The first single off the album will be released during this summer and the album release date will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more info coming up in the near future!

Ninetone Records

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Memories or Illusions" THE MOVIE!

The Soul Exchange are proud to announce the most ambitious band project in the band's entire career to date. The band have entered into a collaboration with the film director and artist Claudio Marino (Behemoth, Watain, Ghost, Magna Carta Cartel, Priest and Tid among others on his CV) to create a short movie based on the concept story of the new Soul Exchange album "Memories or Illusions". The film is not a music video but an adaptation of the album's concept on film. The short movie is planned to premiere at the time of the release of the "Memories or Illusions" album in early 2021!

Claudio Marino is currently looking for actors and extras for the movie. Shooting will take place in the month of November in various locations in the Stockholm area. If interested in participating, send a PM to https://www.facebook.com/soulexchangeofficial/.

For more info about Claudio Marino visit:


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