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Meet The Soul Exchange, The New Face Of Modern Rock!
(Fresh Hype Magazine 2015)

Mervilton Records recording artist The Soul Exchange, is a band that has constructed a new alchemy from the rock solid foundation of the 70's hard rock scene. They have taken this influence into the new millennium and have created their own unique style of metal infused, modern guitar driven hard rock, with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements.

The Soul Exchange Biography

The Soul Exchange was founded in 2013 by guitarist Hans von Bell, drummer Benny White and guitarist Thomas von Bell. In 2014, the trio was joined by vocalist Erik Olofsson and Tobias Chevalier (vocals, keyboards etc). The band enjoyed success with their eponymous debut album "The Soul Exchange", produced by the seasoned rock producer and studio engineer Mats "Limpan" Lindfors, released on January 20th, 2015.

In 2016 the band underwent some personnel changes, with Daniel John joining founding members Hans & Thomas von Bell as new vocalist, and also bringing in Benny White on drums and Patrik "Patte" Ekelöf on bass, that makes up the present line up of The Soul Exchange. With the new line up, the band has moved into a new direction, both musically and image wise, with a different modern sound and stage image. The Soul Exchange will release their 2nd full length album, produced by the renowned Swedish producer Magnus "Tank" Ljungqvist, on the Mervilton Records label in the fall of 2016. The band promises this to be a much darker and modern sounding effort, than the debut. Stating that "this is a new era of The Soul Exchange" and that "the band has found its sound on the 2nd album and this will be the formula going forward. Modern hard rock with a great portion of metal influences, and most importantly, the vocal arrangements and melodies are having a major focus in The Soul Exchanges’ otherwise riff oriented music".

The phrase "It is the sound of a new world being born, and the louder sound of an old world being destroyed" has never been more relevant than for the new album by The Soul Exchange!

Band members

Hans von Bell, guitarist:

Hans von Bell is the guitarist, principal songwriter and founding member of The Soul Exchange. Hans grew up listening to 70's hard rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rush and others. Hans commenced his musical career at the age of 13, playing in local bands in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, before joining his most successful and long lived outfit called "Crew" alongside Mats "Limpan" Lindfors and session guitarist Kent Kroon in the early 80's. Hans's career spans over many musical genres but hard rock, blues and metal have always been closest to his heart. Before forming The Soul Exchange, Hans became a full time musician a few years ago, playing in various bands in Sweden, both cover bands, as well as more serious efforts with original music, touring both in Sweden and South East Asia. Hans also takes influences from contemporary music in his songwriting and mixes it with his 70's hard rock background, he says "My aim is to take all that experience and influences into my songwriting and bring that to The Soul Exchange".

Daniel John, vocals:

Daniel John started to play gigs at the local pub of his hometown, Hyltebruk, at age 14 and has been playing ever since. Being autodidact in every aspect of music and also being adept in wielding relative precise pitch, harmonizing came natural to him. At age 22 he moved to Stockholm from The little town of Hyltebruk in the county of Halland, Sweden. After settling, Daniel began getting session-gigs and started building backing vocals and harmonies for various artists. Later on, he also became a tour-musician, playing alongside most of the artists he's been working for in various studios. Some 5 years later he released his first solo album and went on a small tour throughout Sweden. Ever since, he has continued to write music for himself and others.

Thomas von Bell, guitarist:

Thomas von Bell is a guitarist/songwriter who, despite his young age, has been playing in several local bands in the Stockholm area before joining The Soul Exchange to share the guitar work with Hans von Bell. Thomas takes influences from a variety of musical genres, everything from jazz, psychedelia and prog to hard rock. Thomas is also a student of "Rytmus", the most renowned music school in Sweden, which has produced many internationally reputed artists such as Robyn, Tove Lo and more. Thomas is also a songwriter in his own right, who has materially contributed to the songs on the new upcoming Soul Exchange album, as well as producing his own solo album of all original music, to be released later in the year.

Patrik "Patte" Ekelöf, bassist:

Patrik Ekelöf's musical journey started when he joined the, by now legendary, hard rock band "Blacksmith". When Patrik was only at the age of 16, "Blacksmith" released the album "Gipsy Queen" and made a tour throughout Sweden and Denmark. Patrik has continued playing music ever since. Continuing his quest for skills, at the age of 24, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to study bass guitar at the Musician Institute. A few years later he moved back to Sweden to study at the "Conservatory of Music" in Stockholm. In recent years Patrik has been playing with a large number of artists and has done several studio session jobs as a semi professional musician.

Benny White, drums:

Benny White was born into a musical environment and played various instruments before finding his passion in life - drums! Through music studies from early age and playing the local scene (though much too young for the clubs) in his hometown Stockholm, Benny was well prepared when setting off for Los Angeles.

He quickly gained local recognition and ended up in the spotlight when his band Natural Act got to be the 'band of the month' on LA's renowned radio station KLOS, a crowning time which also landed the band a slot sharing the headline with Peter Criss's (KISS) new group when world famous Whisky a Go-Go reopened its doors for business. While in LA, Benny became friends with BMG-Thai-artist Patomporn (Pry) who was in town to record an album.

A year later, Pry called and asked whether Benny would be interested in coming to Bangkok to play on his new album. Once again, Benny packed his bags and another trail on his musical journey was in the making. Session work led to more recordings and tours in Southeast Asia. Years later, a new chapter in Benny's musical career is on the horizon as the drummer of The Soul Exchange.

Jens Joel Evaldsson, lyricist:

Jens Evaldsson is the lyricist and co-songwriter of The Soul Exchange. Although, Jens does not actively take part in the band but is co-writing all of the music for The Soul Exchange since the formation, he is considered the 6th band member. Jens grew up in the vast forest landscape of the county of Jämtland, northern Sweden, which surroundings spurred his imagination at an early age. Jens commenced his musical career when he got his first electric guitar on his 15th birthday. The instrument opened an entirely new mind landscape for Jens. Besides being the lyricist for The Soul Exchange, Jens is also active in other musical projects such as The Backbeat Conspiracy and Varulvspoeterna.

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